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  1. I use these 2 scripts together as a backup for the lack of targeting on ROTS. Script 1, for targeting with the Space button. if #g_game.getMonstersAround(3) >= 1 then g_game.sendKey("Space") end auto(1000) Script 2, for pausing the cavebot to kill monsters that you are targeting, and then resuming the cavebot when everything is dead. if #g_game.getMonstersAround(1) >= 1 then setOption("Cavebot/Enabled", "false") elseif #g_game.getMonstersAround(2) == 0 then setOption("Cavebot/Enabled", "true") end auto(1000)
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  2. I need a script to move the item in front of me where there is free space
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