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  2. beerus121


    hi, just bought access to bot but i cant run it on NTSW it is possible to run it on that ots? thanks !
  3. using the item after killing a mob / (item-blessed wooden stake 5942 id(/ // (MONSTER ID--> 4097)
  4. i change my computer and need reset my HWID
  5. Any chance to get something similar to this? macro(1000, "Dzwignia", function() for x = -1, 1 do for y = -1, 1 do local tile = g_map.getTile({x = posx() + x, y = posy() + y, z = posz()}) for u,item in ipairs(tile:getItems()) do if (tile and item and item:getId() == 2773 or item:getId() == 2772) then g_game.use(item) return end end end end end,toolsTab) It basically uses a lever or an item with specific ID if it appears on map, just not sure how to edit it, so it works with OTClientBot. Many thanks.
  6. Hey, i need auto clicker script, just right click 1sqm in front of me per 10 secs
  7. i was using just now till i reboot my pc, then this shows up can you reset my hwid @Zelek?
  8. imzoniac

    HWID Reset

    @Zelek Please reset my HWID. Thank you.
  9. Im UNable to inject the bot into https://rpglw.com/ their client, can someone help?
  10. I just want to use like f1 f2 f3 f4, how can i set that? (Its to use some SCROLLS exp bonus in game)
  11. Please help me solve the error that keeps appearing. Please help me solve the error that keeps appearing.
  12. Hello, i need help with auto target on server midhem.com. Need help because it doesn't work ! PL: Mógł by ktoś pomóc z auto targetem na midhem.com ? Cavebot dziala ale target juz nie ;/
  13. @Zelek Cmon man, it's now been 5 days that I haven't been able to use my bot that I've paid for
  14. @Zelek please can u fix this?
  15. Need script for use SD in target 'aimbot' with hotkey
  16. Could I please have my hardware ID reset? I dont know what happened, but all of a sudden it says my account is bound to another pc.... Please fix it fast.
  17. Does anyone know why my targeting/cavebot responds so slowly? It will attack targets and follow waypoints, but it takes a few seconds before it reacts.
  18. kozacq5

    Reset HW ID

    Hey, I need my hardware ID reset please, got new PC.
  19. Nacuta

    Reset HW ID

    @Zelek Could you please reset my HW ID again? My new PC was faulty so I got a new one again..thanks
  20. Pytanie mam czy to jakaś blokada clienta przed botem? look ss
  21. natuhere


    Wyskakuje mi taki błąd co może być nie tak FATAL ERROR Initialization error.Report to the forum if you continue to have this issue zelek nie wiem za co zapłaciłem ale bot nie działa pomóż
  22. Is it possible to make a script that attacks all mobs? Targeting doesn't work on the server I play on.
  23. Zelek

    Reset HW ID

    @Nacuta try now
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