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  3. sagaz91

    bug login

    I paid for the bot yesterday and I tried to use it for the first time and it gave this error? What's that?
  4. midhem.com updated the client and now targeting doesnt work, it did 2 days ago. Is there any fix for this :D thanks.
  5. After the recent update on RoTS, the client crashes when trying to eat food in any way, Using it with a mouse, hotkey, it doesn't matter, eating food after loading the bot crashes the client. Edit: The client crashes after some time even without eating food, but eating food does trigger a crash every time. == application crashed app name: Return Of The Saiyans app version: 2.7.4 build compiler: msvc12 build date: May 13 2022 build type: RelWithDebInfo build revision: 0 (master) crash date: May 16 2022 22:36:26 exception: Access violation (0xc0000005)
  6. this one doesnt work anymore
  7. Earlier
  8. Is the bot development still active? The last update was a long time ago. Dev doesn't answer here nor on Discord. The bot still works on a couple of servers, but need update on others. @Zelek just give us an update on the bot status, please. Thank you!
  9. youkito

    Logged Off

    Already did, still has the bug =/
  10. I had this too, you have to restart your PC. If that doesn't work, reinstall and then restart PC. That fixes this bug for me.
  11. Kuuba

    Request Script

    Hi everyone, I need a script that will hold the target (player) all the time.
  12. youkito

    Logged Off

    Bot is just getting LOGGED OFF into tittle and isnt working at all. Tryed it in a couple of servers, still doesnt work.
  13. I use these 2 scripts together as a backup for the lack of targeting on ROTS. Script 1, for targeting with the Space button. if #g_game.getMonstersAround(3) >= 1 then g_game.sendKey("Space") end auto(1000) Script 2, for pausing the cavebot to kill monsters that you are targeting, and then resuming the cavebot when everything is dead. if #g_game.getMonstersAround(1) >= 1 then setOption("Cavebot/Enabled", "false") elseif #g_game.getMonstersAround(2) == 0 then setOption("Cavebot/Enabled", "true") end auto(1000)
  14. any fix for rots target problem?
  15. Hi! Anyone mind helping me? I get this error and client crashes after. https://gyazo.com/043f128a90b067c67086ea12fd668214
  16. @oualid64966 I stand corrected. All you need to do is place a "stand" wpt before the action for the same co-ordinates.
  17. I don't play ROTs, but did you guys turn on the "read map files" in the "Info and Options" tab? Not sure if this will fix your problem, but worth a shot.
  18. Any news on this? Cavebot works on ROTS if you use walk with arrow keys, but I can't get targeting to work.
  19. vesteras


    awesome thank you!
  20. Tokumei


    local foodID = 3725 -- ID of the food you want to use. (Brown Mushroom = 3725) local waitTime = 300000 -- Time you want to wait after eating before allowing the script to run again. (1000 = 1 second) if g_game.getLocalPlayer():getItemsCount(foodID) > 0 then g_game.useInventoryItem(foodID) end sleep(waitTime) auto(200,400)
  21. vesteras


    Hi, I'm new to this bot, so apologies if this question has been answered already. is there an Auto Eat function? I'm struggling to see it. I've found the auto spell / heal function etc but not the auto eat one? (im planning on AFK training a sorc on a server I'm starting) Kind Regards Vesteras
  22. tavex

    Logged Off

    on this server https://altaron.pl/ too still logged off (no antyvir/all run as administartion, change client name to otclient.exe)
  23. Is there currently a function to execute a script on kill? If not, is there another method I could use? For some context: - OT server (WAD) - I'm trying to make a script that functions as a looter by using corpses, but I've run into the problem of already looted corpse co-ordinates being added back to the table each time it runs as a persistent script. - I am aware that if the creature is skinnable, I can just skin the creature after looting and that would solve the issue. Unfortunately not all creatures are skinnable. - I would like to avoid just adding a longe
  24. You can cycle through the items on the ground checking for corpse ID's then use a combo of these two. g_game.useMapItem(x = 123, y = 456, z = 7) and the *** : getPosition() functions.
  25. Looking for script to use body id when its on the ground. (no item, just ppm). can you do it?
  26. Bro mee too non stop bot logged off
  27. @oualid64966 It's amazing how useful the search function is. And here someone zakne11 added a system message check to it as well.
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