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  4. Siurak


    Does someone know if it works on NTSW ??
  5. dzyelnyko

    HWID Reset

    i change my pc and i need use again my account plx help me to reset my hardware id
  6. I need my HWID reset, reinstalling on formatted pc. Much appreciated, thanks!
  7. bot shuts down when launching altaron.pl
  8. if u guys have some problems with turn use this local function turnToTarget() if not g_game.isOnline() or not g_game.isAttacking() then return end local player = g_game.getLocalPlayer() local target = g_game.getAttackingCreature() if target:getPosition():getDistance(player:getPosition()) > 1 then return end if target then if target:getPosition().x < player:getPosition().x then g_game.sendKey("A") elseif target:getPosition().x > player:getPosition().x then g_game.sendKey("D") elseif target:getPosition().y > player:getPosition().y then
  9. Please reset my hardware ID @Zelek
  10. Hello, I am looking for script for uh and manapotion from hotkey. Any1 got it?
  11. Please reset my hardware ID @Zelek - ty
  12. Hi, I have attempted to use this "Keep Away" targeting but it won't move away from the mob. I have fixed the distance thing to be 3sqm to 8sqm and still nothing. Any ideas? Thank you!
  13. Hey! The topic is written on http://dbawots.pl/ I would like to ask why the bot starts normally for me, but then neither targeting nor cavebot nor anything works. It shows me normally logged in! Cavebot doesn't work. The healer spell works only on the button that is present Please help me, i buy bot and pay cash 😕
  14. g_game.attack(creature) scripts not working, getting error too.
  15. Targetting works randomly, with 0-5 seconds delay
  16. robakopas

    Dx crash

    Bot useable only in gl mode, dx mode insta crash and no crash report generated
  17. any idea why cavebot and targetting works really slow? switching creature target after kill in 0.5-5 seconds and clicking waypoint in 5-10 seconds, is it possible to make it work faster? also if monster on screen, cavebot stops even if not targeting those creatures
  18. OdSwIEzaM temacik jakbys nie widzial :))))
  19. Zelku bardzo Cie prosimy zrob z nas botterow z gornej pólki, bez Ciebie to nie to samo
  20. That client got hd graphic and idk what else can block Your bot, please help us. some newbuyers will come then also o.O
  21. How to make bot working on dragon ball priority? its showing logged off status even if in same time working at DBL fe. Thanks.
  22. Hi, i'm looking for script that will pause bot when player is on screen, and unpause when isn't.
  23. gersondbz

    HWID Reset

    Reset my HWID please
  24. my bot debugs when enemy monster appears on the screen. how can i fix it? @zelek
  25. as above in the topic, I need a script so that my character will follow another player and when he sees the monster he targets him
  26. == application crashed app name: WADclient app version: 1.0 build compiler: gcc 10.3.0 build date: Mar 10 2022 build type: Release build revision: 0 (devel) crash date: Jul 25 2022 20:05:00 exception: Unknown exception (0xe06d7363) exception address: 0x75f1ca42 backtrace:
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