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  2. tul33

    Request Script

    Please script runemaker~ anti idle ~ eatfood and auto fishing on retrocores?
  3. Script for pause bot and then logout when number of senzu drops below X ? :d
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  6. Its really hard to follow users who change HWID, IP and other things to fake trails. If you dont want this bot, just find one for free 🙂 Or pay 1 euro, dont drink beer today and check this "OK" bot. Is not ideal, a bit shitty but works well.
  7. Zelek

    Request Script

    It's included in the bot by default.
  8. Is there any posibility to make a script that change coins?
  9. I think it is an abuse, it just bans users who take advantage of the bot for free. Put it 1 free day to test it so they won't abuse the bot.
  10. You would be surprised how many people actually buy the trial. People abused the free trial while it was available and forced me to change it to the paid one.
  11. One Tryal is always free, put tryals free 1 or 2 days, but u go lose people, because nobody want pay for a tryal.
  12. you are supposed to use directx client anyway
  13. Hello, New Rots client got problem with interface functionality after injecting. (opengl client, directx client interface works good) base functions give nill values Previously scripts works corectly. Regards
  14. Looking for script Follow x Player ( Leader/Tank ), and attack monster around, using F1-F12 hotkeys, Using hotkeys under x health/mana
  15. Douglita


    today it was working normally, after the server crashed for a few hours and came back it is not working anymore == application crashed app name: Return Of The Saiyans app version: 1.0 build compiler: msvc12 build date: Jun 17 2020 build type: RelWithDebInfo build revision: 0 (devel) crash date: Jun 20 2020 15:04:06 exception: Access violation (0xc0000005) exception address: 0x7739c23e backtrace: 0: Unknown [0x000000007739C23E] 1: Unknown [0x000000007739B0CF] 2: Unknown [0x000000007739AE8E] 3: Unknown [
  16. Zelek

    Itens ID

    It shows in the same spot as "You are exhausted.", "There is no way." etc messages after looking at the item.
  17. Douglita

    Itens ID

    How do i see the id of an item? ROTS
  18. Please, when you can.... Hotkey to follow Friend if not target monste?
  19. Well. This one doesn't work. At least not on DBL. I got banned today :c I was in front of the PC, doing something else, so its not like I haven't heard the alarm or something 😕
  20. Earlier
  21. hotkey to follow friend ifnot target monster ?! '-'
  22. Zelek

    Request Script

    local monstersToStop = 3 local monstersToResume = 0 local disableTargeting = false -- set to true to disable targeting between the lures and false otherwise if luring == nil then luring = true end if luring and #g_game.getMonstersAround(6) >= monstersToStop then setOption("Cavebot/Enabled", "false") setOption("Targeting/Enabled", "true") luring = false elseif not luring and #g_game.getMonstersAround(6) == monstersToResume and #g_game.getMonstersAround(6) < monstersToStop then luring = true setOption("Cavebot/Enabled", "true") if disableTargeting then setOption("Targeting/
  23. some action to turn off cavebot only? i will create a perfect Lure mode... some like .... 3 monster or more = Cavebot Off 0 monster in screen... turn on cavebot again
  24. Zelek

    Request Script

    auto(500) local idleTimeThreshold = 30000 -- time in milliseconds to consider character being stuck if not g_game.isAttacking() and g_game.getIdleTime() >= idleTimeThreshold then nextWpt() sleep(1000) end
  25. You can download it here: OTClientBot-v2.0.0-beta10 Also please remember to install Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 - 2019 x86 if you haven't already. List of changes: major stability improvements (fixed a lot of bugs that caused the bot to close itself) changed g_game.idleTime variable to a g_game.getIdleTime() function added new lua functions: nextWpt() -- goes to the next waypoint in the list prevWpt() -- goes to the previous waypoint in the list updated ChangeGP.lua and StackItems.lua scripts that are distri
  26. hello i am looking for 2 scripts one of them is to turn targeting off when 1-3 monsters is around and turn it on when there is 3-6 monsters around.( ive tried to make it on targeting it just lure X amount of mobs kill one and moves on) another one is to detect a specific message on screen if text on screen "Using one of 100 half senzu beans..." i would like it to play alarm Thanks in advance 😄
  27. Hello, I'm looking for a script that will scroll my waypoints as the character stands in place until he moves!!!!!!!
  28. Msgsanta

    Need Skrpyt

    Hello, I am looking for a skrpyta who will rewind until the character moves and will not stand in the place 10h
  29. Thanks, maybe add more logging mechanism to identyify problems
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