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  2. OdSwIEzaM temacik jakbys nie widzial :))))
  3. Zelku bardzo Cie prosimy zrob z nas botterow z gornej pĆ³lki, bez Ciebie to nie to samo
  4. That client got hd graphic and idk what else can block Your bot, please help us. some newbuyers will come then also o.O
  5. How to make bot working on dragon ball priority? its showing logged off status even if in same time working at DBL fe. Thanks.
  6. Hi, i'm looking for script that will pause bot when player is on screen, and unpause when isn't.
  7. gersondbz

    HWID Reset

    Reset my HWID please
  8. my bot debugs when enemy monster appears on the screen. how can i fix it? @zelek
  9. as above in the topic, I need a script so that my character will follow another player and when he sees the monster he targets him
  10. == application crashed app name: WADclient app version: 1.0 build compiler: gcc 10.3.0 build date: Mar 10 2022 build type: Release build revision: 0 (devel) crash date: Jul 25 2022 20:05:00 exception: Unknown exception (0xe06d7363) exception address: 0x75f1ca42 backtrace:
  11. Also same problem when roping, so im sure it because it ropes and shovel on top of the hole, any solution without making .lua scripts and using labels?
  12. Add to (Targeting - Creature list) possibility to and specific spell, rune to use on creature, depending on it's health, your health, range and amount mana u have.
  13. Spells between conditions there are connected with like if ( x OR y ) { cast spell }, it should be if (x AND y) {cast spell} you can get "OR" with new spells adding, please fix
  14. Some items have same id, but have title different and stats (if possible getting item description would be good too with possibility to search for string text inside that, to check if worth keeping item.
  15. 3457 ID of default shovel, same ID of my shovel, bot stop over hole and won't dig, it's not allowed to dig below you, is bot digging where player standing or something? Please fix it
  16. Hello, Is there any scrypt that can use Obsidian knife or other id item after monster kill ?
  17. auto loot doesnt work. added backpack as destination but doesnt show up when i try to add item
  18. or make it possible on the site since u not developing it anymore so ppl that want to use it still can actually use it
  19. Pls restart my hwid i cant use the bot
  20. Tried a few times and it kept saying initiziation failed from the Gothania server. Any advice? Server can be found here: https://gothania.pl/
  21. Splm

    Request Script

    @Zelek can we get a script to pickup spears from.ground to left hand for training? Looked through didnt find seen numerous people requesting
  22. im trying to get a script to pick spears up from the ground and refill in my left hand. i couldnt find anything under the search bar
  23. i change computer and need reset my register for continue use in my new computer
  24. Everytime it there is a loot with a bag inside it the client crashes and force logouts my character. I dont know how to fix this. Is there any recommendations, i use OGL on WAT server
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