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  2. Using v2.0.0-beta17e Have looting setup in test mode with only 1 item (gold coin, 3031), will work fine and then randomly and regularly just freeze char. Disabling loot module, char will resume cavebotting without issue, re-enable loot module and shortly he will get stuck at a corpse. Not sure if this is related to the issue that was resolved in a previous beta listed on the change log.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Kuuba

    Request Script

    Hi Zelek, i need a script that will fallow specifid player when no monster is targeted.
  5. Last week
  6. Currently all hotkeys within the bot execute even if the client is not focused. This is nice functionality in some cases but in others its actually a drawback. It would be nice if we had a function to check if the client is focused.
  7. Earlier
  8. SSA script? cant find one, only for rings and i tried messing with it but i have no clue what im doing and im just crashing the bot some how 😛
  9. Aza

    Exeta RES

    Lf macro for exeta res if mobs in distance x use exeta res
  10. Somebody can help me in this error? is Keep target script, Thx
  11. The cavebot is getting bugged when using built in bot "looting" can you give me a script that clicks on nearby bodies when a creature gets killed? The server has built in autoloot, so i just need to click on the body to get the drop. Thanks for help!
  12. Nevermind - No one ever responds to this forum thread.
  13. Nevermind - No one ever responds to this forum thread.
  14. when I inject the bot the character stops walking by the arrows and walks only by mouse clicks,
  15. gadrell

    Restart HWID

    can you reset my hwid? my hwid is currently linked with a different account, i paid on this account, but i can't use it
  16. xcorek

    Restart HWID

    Hallo zelek, can you restart my HWID?
  17. xcorek

    Restart HWID

    Can you restart my HWID? I have new computer and i want play on it.
  18. done, you could've messaged me on discord for faster response
  19. I want to ask that for God's sake reset my HWID, I'm Brazilian and I pay practically three times the stipulated amount, I've been waiting for 2 weeks and nothing, I bought a new commutator and I won't create another account and pay again since I still have some 25 days to use the program.
  20. no have options in creaturelist to use spell or hotkey, how activated?
  21. I need a script that converts rins into sen when we have 100 (narutostory)
  22. potrzebuje skryptu uzywanie itemku po zabiciu mobow (chce zeby jednoczesnie lootowalo)
  23. Hello, can you reset my HWID please? Thank you
  24. josew

    Request Script

  25. I need to reset my hwid, I paid and I want to use the program
  26. Hi I cant get wearedragons to work on this, could someone please help me i will really appreciate the help thank you
  27. Please make macro script macro(2500, "destroy boxes chairs", function() and macro(2500, "scythe wheat", function() >it should be similar because use with function i have some code from riftbot(?) but rly dont know how to edit it for otcv8 (760) server or tried...
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