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  4. the rots client I update today and it is closing by itself when using the bot and when it goes to the hotkay bar it appears there that is using print screen all the time and the game is closing by itself all the time
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  6. blodd

    Request Script

    yes, in targeting just write "All" without the " as the Name
  7. xoon

    Request Script

    is it possible to set the bot to attack all monsters?
  8. xoon

    Request Script

    ADD for this script "range" and "HP" Please local manaToCast = 60 local spellToCast = "Spirit Cannon" local player = g_game.getLocalPlayer() if g_game.isAttacking() and player:getManaPercent() >= manaToCast then g_game.talk(spellToCast) sleep(700, 1000) end auto(100)
  9. blodd

    Request Script

    script for sending an allarm when "x"monster is on screen?
  10. blodd

    ROTS training

    is this still working? i've tested some scripts for heal and food and they worked just fine, but i cant get this one to work. Edit: got it to work, had to toggle read map tiles in the "info and options"
  11. Hi, pressing r after target getting killed or using every corpse after target getting killed, please?
  12. When our character has some debuffs like the one shown on the screen it would not heal, neither with spell nor with senzu bean. This is a real serious issue since a lot of monsters throw poison at us etc, and the bot dies, could you please fix? thanks
  13. Zelek

    We are dragons

    it does as far as I know
  14. Crash after selecting client in bot == application crashed app name: WoNO Online app version: 2.0.0 build compiler: msvc12 build date: Jun 11 2021 build type: RelWithDebInfo build revision: 0 (devel) crash date: Jun 21 2021 22:50:14 exception: Access violation (0xc0000005) exception address: 0x0151fd13 backtrace: 0: C:\WoNO v13\WoNO(32-bit).exe(sprintf_s+0x1a2493) [0x000000000151FD13] 1: C:\WoNO v13\WoNO(32-bit).exe(sprintf_s+0x1af2bf) [0x000000000152CB3F] 2: C:\WoNO v13\WoNO(32-bit).exe(sprintf_s+0x1b02fa) [0x000000000152DB7A] 3: C:\WoNO v13\Wo
  15. Hello guys the bot works on We are dragons server? https://wearedragons.net/
  16. pawel99

    WoNO - Failed

    Same problem.
  17. Tzuyu

    HWID Reset

    Hello could you please reset my HWID? Thank you!
  18. kosy

    WoNO - Failed

    Hi, I'm trying to load bot on WoNO but still get the message: Got all run as administrator and have installed all VC x86 and x64. HELP please
  19. Zelek

    Reset HWID

    you need an active subscription first.
  20. Aarch

    Reset HWID

    I have new PC can u reset my HWID??
  21. Hi! Im in need of a script that moves x items to x bp and y item to y bp found some bp changer some pages before this but couldnt get it to work
  22. It's the same for me
  23. seems like fixed now
  24. can i have an script for Valoria ot, its an otserver whit 7.6 rules, so i need to usewith mana fluid and then throw it to me, like old times, and if you could make an script just like that but for throwing sd at target that would be the greatest thing ever and i would be so thankfull, thank you
  25. nasta930


    Looting is not working for me, im pretty sure, item id is correct and it is enabled, but i dont know why it dosnt open corpse and loot
  26. I Have a new computer and I would like to play in it, could you reset my HWID please? i just bought the bot
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