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  1. you can use condition healer for that
  2. I’m aware, will most likely fix this weekend
  3. I’ll take a look but nothing really changed regarding that since beta 17
  4. Looks like it was always working like this, I'll change it in the next update.
  5. should be fixed with version 18c, let me know if you still encounter the issue
  6. let me know if the issue still exists in version 18c
  7. let me know if you still have any issues with version 18c
  8. restart client and bot, there is probably some issue where it can’t get item info correctly and never tries again
  9. should be working now, sorry for inconvenience
  10. I suggest launching the bot after logging in to the game, since some clients load dat after clicking the log in button. Bot should try to get that information again until success but I guess it can fail. I might add some info on that into the interface
  11. It seems to work fine on those clients that I tested. Keep in mind that this will always return false if it can't read the information reliably. What server is that btw?
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