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  1. Zelek


  2. Zelek


    Not for any near future.
  3. Fixed client crash on walking for rots 😛
  4. I’ll try to fix it through the weekend
  5. that server wasn’t using otclient most likely.
  6. add new creature with NPC name and select ignore in mode.
  7. its already been posted in Script Request topic and discord.
  8. Zelek

    ROTS training

    local tiles = g_map.getTiles() for i = 1, #tiles do local tile = tiles[i] if tile:getPosition():getDistance(g_game.getLocalPlayer():getPosition()) == 1 then local topItem = tile:getTopItem() if topItem and topItem:getId() == 15710 then g_game.useMapItem(tile:getPosition()) sleep(250) break end end end auto(100)
  9. Zelek

    HWID Problem

    I've replied to your private message. Basically you have used trial before and that's against the rules. You have to purchase a monthly/quarterly subscription.
  10. Zelek

    HWID Problem

    You can, try again.
  11. Zelek

    HWID Problem

    You have already used your trial with @ahmed havocaccount, your only option is to purchase the monthly/quarterly subscription.
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