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  1. Zelek

    Request Script

    if g_game.isAttacking() then local target = g_game.getAttackingCreature() if target and target:getPosition():distance(g_game.getLocalPlayer():getPosition()) <= 5 then g_game.talk("spell 1") sleep(900, 1250) end end auto(100)
  2. This is only the issue on your end, as it works for everyone else. I’m sorry but I don’t know why it happens.
  3. You can download it here: OTClientBot-v2.0.0-beta16a Also please remember to install Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 - 2019 x86 if you haven't already. List of changes: added automatic update downloader fixed a rare bug that caused the application to crash while reading information from client probably fixed a bug that makes the targeting crash the application probably fixed a bug that makes the cavebot crash the application List of changes for beta16a: process name now saves automatically between restarts of the bot
  4. Zelek

    Request Script

    you are trying to use some old deprecated version.
  5. It's included in every release post at the top. https://aka.ms/vs/16/release/vc_redist.x86.exe Restart your PC after
  6. Try reinstalling the bot to other directory, for example your desktop or documents. If that doesn't work then I'm clueless.
  7. Then it must work, try downloading their client again and run everything as administrator
  8. Zelek

    Request Script

    please search this topic before posting. it has already been shared here
  9. @Vickouse opengl version of the client and you will be fine
  10. Zelek

    diagon movement

    cavebot movement is determined by client’s path finding, if it doesn’t walk diagonal you can’t do anything about it
  11. auto(100) if not g_game.isOnline() then return end local messagesToDetect = {"[English]", "msgheck", "bot"} -- which words should it look for? local respondToMessage = false -- should it respond if trigger word is found? local messageToRespond = "im here" -- what should it respond? local pauseBot = false -- should it pause the bot? local playAlarm = true -- should it play alarm? connect("g_game", "onTalkMessage", checkBotMessage) function checkBotMessage(name, level, mode, message, channelId, creaturePos) for _, messageToDetect in pairs(messagesToDetect) do if string.find(message, mess
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