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  1. @Tokumei Yes this is Flatlander on WAD. Please get Flatlander on WAD banned. I am the only Flatlander so all other Flatlanders should be banned.
  2. I have been experiencing crashes since the last update and can't really pin down what is causing it. Here are 4 of the crash reports that were created. (It has crashed a ton of times, but only these 4 reports were created) c3894e9d-6d9c-48a7-a279-879d3ddf415d.dmp d9c16ac8-eebe-45ce-a3cd-2ef2d5112c63.dmp 15399497-5478-4e99-94c2-bea2dd7dca9c.dmp 688f5318-a857-49b5-822d-487c0c459eca.dmp
  3. Ok sometimes isContainer() works and sometimes it does not. I am doing more testing to try to determine when and why it breaks. Once I have more information I will let you know.
  4. Same as title. g_game.openItem(item) does not work, and also the "Open next BP" option in looting is not working probably both issues are connected.
  5. item:isContainer() and itemType:iscontainer both seem to return false on containers. Same as topic, when you grab an item, and either do item:isContainer() or local itemType = g_things.getThingType(containerid) itemType:isContainer() both options will return false on all items (including containers)
  6. Some OT Servers have created more than the original 10 inventory slots. With otclientbot, I can currently move an item to one of those slots, but I cannot "detect" it in any other way. If I try to use an item at position, it does not work for inventory positions. If I try to move an item to a position, it DOES work. If I try to use: g_game.getLocalPlayer():getInventoryItem(10) Then the entire otclientbot will crash. (Apparently trying to get an InventoryItem that wasn't officially setup for your bot will crash the entire bot) Since we can move an item to the slot, I assume there
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