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    There is no direct function to equip, you can however move an item to the slots position. g_game.moveItem(item, Position.new(65535, slotID, 0), count)
  2. +1 I've noticed this as well but I wasn't sure if it was just me since I'm not playing a real map so the normal looter doesn't seem to work well in general. I've opted to make my own script handle the looting instead. If you want a quick fix in the meantime, make a script that simply iterates through open containers and checks if the containers name includes "slain" (or w.e other keywords indicate a corpse for you) and then just make an array of food ids that you want it to try and eat.
  3. It would be a huge quality of life if we could set that to a hotkey and just spam it as we run around instead of having to click back and forth between the client and bot when setting waypoints.
  4. Neither of these functions will catch animated text (such as damage numbers). It would be nice to have a function to catch those. It would be even better if we could detect magic effects as well. In both cases, having the position they came from would be useful, for example, to detect the healing of an invisible creature and shoot a GFB. Edit: Also I forgot to test if the current functions catch the orange monster speak, that would also be nice (and of course the position it came from as well).
  5. Since the last update most of everything seems to be working as expected, but there are still some little things happening. 1. Attempting to cross a monsters path (in their look direction) while having avoid front targeting still causes the two mechanisms to fight each other causing the character to walk back and forth really fast. This can be reliably reproduced via "lure" waypoints but it also happens when trying to loot as well. 2. Waypoints sometimes resume before the looter is finished: (most of the time) causing the bot to run to the edge of the screen, realize it missed a body, then run all the way back to grab it. (rarely) causing the character to attempt to walk towards the corpse and then back towards the waypoint really fast. 3. Targeting will (most of the time) attempt to target things off-screen which causes issues with some custom scripts. It would be nice to have a range limit option.
  6. gotolabel(...) appears to be skipping exactly 2 waypoints when it successfully switches. You will actually see it select the original waypoint, then ignore it and the following waypoint and then continue on. Example 1: start 1 2 3 4 gotolabel start 5 ect... Example 2: start 1 gotolabel start 2 ect... In example 1 it will skip "start", "1" and begin at "2". In example 2 it will skip "start", "1" and begin at gotolabel causing an infinite loop.
  7. For some reason the cavebot is skipping every other waypoint. For example: > Start walking to 000 > Reach destination > Start walking to 001 > Instantly skips > Start walking to 002 > Reach destination > Start walking to 003 > Instantly skips ... ect
  8. beta18a: onTextMessage event now returns an unusable string of characters for the "message" parameter. localPlayer.getItemsById(id) now crashes bot
  9. The update ~10 minutes ago caused getInventoryItem(val) to crash the bot. I don't see any crashreport.log in the bot folder, only a memory dump file. Here is a gif of how to replicate it: Edit: I also tried a workaround using localPlayer.getItemsById but it returns a nil value if the item is in the "inventory" instead of a "container". Not sure if this is intended? The docs do imply that it should detect the item in both spaces.
  10. This functionality existed in elfbot back in the day and it was really useful for customizing exactly what items you wanted to walk over. Currently the only thing we can do is force the bot to ignore everything, and doing so causes a lot of issues with stairs/holes.
  11. Good to know, thank you! Also forgot guild emblems in my list.
  12. I have noticed the docs are a bit outdated since new functionality has been updated. I am curious if there is currently a way to check creature skulls/party shields/summon types/npc speech bubbles.
  13. Currently all hotkeys within the bot execute even if the client is not focused. This is nice functionality in some cases but in others its actually a drawback. It would be nice if we had a function to check if the client is focused.
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