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  1. @oualid64966 I stand corrected. All you need to do is place a "stand" wpt before the action for the same co-ordinates.
  2. I don't play ROTs, but did you guys turn on the "read map files" in the "Info and Options" tab? Not sure if this will fix your problem, but worth a shot.
  3. Tokumei


    local foodID = 3725 -- ID of the food you want to use. (Brown Mushroom = 3725) local waitTime = 300000 -- Time you want to wait after eating before allowing the script to run again. (1000 = 1 second) if g_game.getLocalPlayer():getItemsCount(foodID) > 0 then g_game.useInventoryItem(foodID) end sleep(waitTime) auto(200,400)
  4. Is there currently a function to execute a script on kill? If not, is there another method I could use? For some context: - OT server (WAD) - I'm trying to make a script that functions as a looter by using corpses, but I've run into the problem of already looted corpse co-ordinates being added back to the table each time it runs as a persistent script. - I am aware that if the creature is skinnable, I can just skin the creature after looting and that would solve the issue. Unfortunately not all creatures are skinnable. - I would like to avoid just adding a longe
  5. You can cycle through the items on the ground checking for corpse ID's then use a combo of these two. g_game.useMapItem(x = 123, y = 456, z = 7) and the *** : getPosition() functions.
  6. @oualid64966 It's amazing how useful the search function is. And here someone zakne11 added a system message check to it as well.
  7. I don't have the time to mess around making a stay diagonal script atm, but here's the shoot Hotkey rune if you are attacking. auto(100) if not g_game.isOnline() then return end if g_game.isAttacking() then g_game.sendKey("F1") sleep(2000) end The 2000 sleep at the end is a 2second wait, you can change that to whatever the cooldown is on your server.
  8. Why do you have the health to Cast % at 100%? Seems unnecessary, but if you wanted to have it so you only shoot at over 80%hp or something you should change that "<" sign to ">" otherwise you will only shoot the rune when you are below that HP%. local healthToCast = 80 local player = g_game.getLocalPlayer() if g_game.isAttacking() and player:getHealthPercent() >= healthToCast then g_game.useInventoryItemOnCreature(3198, g_game.getAttackingCreature()) sleep(900, 1100) end auto(100)
  9. Correct. And again I haven't tested it. I only just got the bot again yesterday and haven't had a chance to play around with it. Alternatively you could add some delays in your script.
  10. For example: local playerPos = g_game.getLocalPlayer():getPosition() local templeX = 32727 local templeY = 31627 setOption("Cavebot/Enabled", "false") if playerPos.x >= templeX and playerPos.y => templeY then gotolabel("Temple", "Training") else gotolabel("Start", "Training") end And then have an action script after your other labels that enables it again. setOption("Cavebot/Enabled", "true") Let me know if it works or not.
  11. @oualid64966You could try toggle/pause the walker at the start of the script then toggle/unpause it at the end.
  12. playername should not be in " ". If it needs a string you can use tostring(playername) NOTE: I haven't tested this it's just off the top of my head looking at what you posted. Let me know if this fixes your issue. EDIT: Here's the script I used to use, haven't used it in a while, but I assume it still works. -------------------------------------------- -- Heal Friend with Spell -- by Tokumei -------------------------------------------- -- Version 1.0 (21/10/2021) -- Version 1.1 (22/10/2021) -- - Minor Syntax Update ---------------
  13. O.o Thanks! Was that in the docs and I'm just blind? - Tokumei
  14. Just thought you might like to know this information. I honestly have no idea where to post this, and didn't want to add to your already full inbox @Zelek. So, yeah please delete it if I'm in the wrong section. - Tokumei
  15. The search function is a wonderful thing. Just remove the Auto part at the bottom and put it in an action waypoint. I haven't used it personally, but I assume it works. - Tokumei
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