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  1. yea eat food would be nice, used the eat from corpse but that doesn't always work wich ends up killing my low lvl sorc when its hungry and out of mana for now im using this simple script just change the id of the food ur using auto(5000) if not g_game.isOnline() then return end local foodId = 3725 -- id of the food you want to eat g_game.useInventoryItem(foodId)
  2. Do you mean after the labels at the cavebot part? Because that would never reach it right if you disabled the cavebot.
  3. So I've used the code beneath in a waypoint action but when it gets to it it gets stuck on this action without any errors. Does anyone have a clue why? I've also tried it with isinrange but the same happens when it gets to that action waypoints it just stops there without any errors. Btw if I just use gotolabel it works without anything else. local playerPos = g_game.getLocalPlayer():getPosition() local templeX = 32727 local templeY = 31627 if playerPos.x >= templeX and playerPos.y => templeY then gotolabel("Temple", "Training") else gotolabel("Start", "Training") end
  4. If possible please add a wildcard to recognize messages. For example: If there are different types of raids and they all starts with [RAID] ....... You'll have to do something like [Raid]* to recognize all messages that start with [RAID]
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