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  1. Im really done... 2 times die because of this bot, a lot of bot crashes in random time. Now shows i dont have sub, but on website still 1.5 day. Last time update and bot closed... Really not good.
  2. true, app was not 100% closed and got problem to replace exe file. now working. Just change this update system to dont ask for update before we dont close app. Its really bad, when you bot and stop working because of update.
  3. then, change update system... because now is not working i all time got my bot on disc D instaled 5x time in row still ask about update.
  4. still not working, just change system of this fucking updates is really bad. and if you dont care about your members you will lost them fast.
  5. EY... all time show do download update. Even when i download and install... it
  6. Because of your update i lost 3h of skilling, and 1+h of exping. Because bot stop working when you update it... its other bot for this server where I now play. But I want to stay with you, if this situation repeat i will change you.
  7. So is better to fuck up your members? Just do update when we close application, no when is open. if you know what i mean. every single bot dont have problem, update after close, no when is open... its really bad idea.
  8. I die because client crash and show msg about update bot... dont do that. Im fucking angry change this method.
  9. Use shovel on ground for scarab diging. Also with cavebot.
  10. Hello, Bot is not working on midhem.com server... Looks like client is injected, but dont see character name, waypoints and monsters.
  11. How long I need to wait for HWID reset?
  12. Hello, can you reset my HWID? ty.
  13. Its really hard to follow users who change HWID, IP and other things to fake trails. If you dont want this bot, just find one for free 🙂 Or pay 1 euro, dont drink beer today and check this "OK" bot. Is not ideal, a bit shitty but works well.
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