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  1. gblxd94

    HWID Reset

    that's it guys 10 days and cant use the bot
  2. Rots Client closing no crash error or report...
  3. gblxd94

    HWID Reset

    Well the bot do not work target and cave bot in the actual pc so i need a new reset to test on another... Cause no info or help was provided
  4. other functions like heal works but the target/cave bot do nothing. turn script do not works too any idea? EDIT: when i was trying tto solve it i was changing my hotkeys and i notice the bot keeps spaming the scrolllock buton and i dont know why. i close the bot and the span stops e re open clean with all options clean and start to spam again
  5. gblxd94

    HWID Reset

    i use this last year in another pc now when i go to login got a registered to another pc
  6. Hello guys the bot works on We are dragons server? https://wearedragons.net/
  7. he just stop to respond and close i see this time
  8. hey guys i was using the bot in ROTs annd works pretty well but some times randomly the bot just close without any error. any one have some idea? os fix? there is no crash log too
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