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  1. I made sth like that local friendName = "Player Name" local friendPos local creatureToAttack local creature local function findFriendAndCreatureToAttack() for _, friend in pairs(g_game.getCreatures()) do if friend:isPlayer() and friend:getName() == friendName then friendPos = friend:getPosition() break end end if friendPos then for _, creature in pairs(g_game.getCreatures()) do if not creature:isPlayer() and not creature:isNpc() and friendPos:isInRange(creature:getPosition(), 2, 2) and creature:getHealthPercent() < 99 then creatureToAttack = creature end end end end local function attackCreature() if not g_game.isAttacking() and creatureToAttack then g_game.attack(creatureToAttack) end end local function findAndFollowFriend() for _, potentialFriend in pairs(g_game.getCreatures()) do if potentialFriend:getName() == friendName and potentialFriend:isPlayer() then creature = potentialFriend break end end if not g_game.isAttacking() and not g_game.isFollowing() and creature then g_game.follow(creature) end end findFriendAndCreatureToAttack() attackCreature() findAndFollowFriend() auto(250, 350)
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