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  1. A function that winbot had, is that it is to open the bot by selecting an .exe already with a defined name and a defined script for example on the opening command line directing the client's .exe to open it, and directing the script to hook that specific client and already load the script, to be more automated An example "C:\OTBot\OTBot.exe" -c "C:\RetroCores\clientname.exe" -s "C:\Scripts\scriptname.xml" -c = Client directory that he will open and select/hook automatic -s = Script that it will load and start automatically and another important thing to use together with the suggestion above connect('accountName', 'PassWord', 'CharacterNick') if these functions are added to the bot I will leave the competitor for this bot to do tests, as I didn't find anything referring to "connect()", for me it is not interesting because I am using more than 60 instances and this function is fundamental for me need something to leave fully automated.
  2. first I want to know if it works 100% with retractors, I use the competitor's bot currently but when I open more than 20 instances I have problems with input lag so I'm considering switching to this one. According to the most important I saw that it has reconnect(), but I didn't find anything regarding the connect() function, does it have this function? and if not, is it possible to add it to the bot?
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