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  1. g_game.attack(creature) scripts not working, getting error too.
  2. Targetting works randomly, with 0-5 seconds delay
  3. robakopas

    Dx crash

    Bot useable only in gl mode, dx mode insta crash and no crash report generated
  4. any idea why cavebot and targetting works really slow? switching creature target after kill in 0.5-5 seconds and clicking waypoint in 5-10 seconds, is it possible to make it work faster? also if monster on screen, cavebot stops even if not targeting those creatures
  5. Also same problem when roping, so im sure it because it ropes and shovel on top of the hole, any solution without making .lua scripts and using labels?
  6. Add to (Targeting - Creature list) possibility to and specific spell, rune to use on creature, depending on it's health, your health, range and amount mana u have.
  7. Spells between conditions there are connected with like if ( x OR y ) { cast spell }, it should be if (x AND y) {cast spell} you can get "OR" with new spells adding, please fix
  8. Some items have same id, but have title different and stats (if possible getting item description would be good too with possibility to search for string text inside that, to check if worth keeping item.
  9. 3457 ID of default shovel, same ID of my shovel, bot stop over hole and won't dig, it's not allowed to dig below you, is bot digging where player standing or something? Please fix it
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