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  5. Dardeken

    HWID reset

    Can u reset my HWID, got new system.
  6. Earlier
  7. playername should not be in " ". If it needs a string you can use tostring(playername) NOTE: I haven't tested this it's just off the top of my head looking at what you posted. Let me know if this fixes your issue. EDIT: Here's the script I used to use, haven't used it in a while, but I assume it still works. -------------------------------------------- -- Heal Friend with Spell -- by Tokumei -------------------------------------------- -- Version 1.0 (21/10/2021) -- Version 1.1 (22/10/2021) -- - Minor Syntax Update ---------------
  8. Cashu

    Request Script

    local player local playerhp local playername = xxxx local creatures = g_game.getCreatures() for v, k in pairs(Creatures) do if k:getName() == "playername" and k:isPlayer() then player = k player:getHealthPercent() = playerhp break end end if playerhp <= 70 then g_game.talk("exura sio" playername) end auto(250) What is wrong?
  9. I closed of Loot function in bot and havent had a single issue since then actually. Skinning working good aswell. Since the client has an auto loot function it wont matter that much anyways. Thanks for reply
  10. I need a script to move the item in front of me where there is free space
  11. What type of bug are you getting? Kicked to Char list or Client crash?
  12. Everything worked good until yesterday. Now its like "crashing " into character list. and then i use the reconnect script but sometimes it fucks up on log in. I tried two clients both had Skinning on tho dunno if that mattered. Ive clicked in read map tiles and all that.
  13. you can use condition healer for that
  14. I aint playing that one anymore unfortunatly. Im at Wearedragons!
  15. O.o Thanks! Was that in the docs and I'm just blind? - Tokumei
  16. a script for anti-paralize, please.
  17. Eixim

    Request Script

    There is no direct function to equip, you can however move an item to the slots position. g_game.moveItem(item, Position.new(65535, slotID, 0), count)
  18. I’m aware, will most likely fix this weekend
  19. Hi, can anybody write me a script to: 1)stand for one sec on corpse of killed mob? 2)or use F3 on corpse? 3)or relog after 15 min of logging out after seeing someone?
  20. Just thought you might like to know this information. I honestly have no idea where to post this, and didn't want to add to your already full inbox @Zelek. So, yeah please delete it if I'm in the wrong section. - Tokumei
  21. The search function is a wonderful thing. Just remove the Auto part at the bottom and put it in an action waypoint. I haven't used it personally, but I assume it works. - Tokumei
  22. Hi, i need script for drop items, like toput on waypoint action and then drop ID item on this sqm, anyone?
  23. Unfortunately I don't think it's currently possible to equip items. I could be wrong, hopefully I am, and someone else could show us how to do that. - Tokumei
  24. I don't think it's necessary to use here, but you could probably use the math.random() function. local randomizer01 = tostring(math.random(150,200)) -- returns a random number between 150 and 200 local randomizer02 = tostring(math.random(20,50)) -- returns a random number between 20 and 50 if g_game.isAttacking() then setOption("Cavebot/WalkDelay", randomizer01) else setOption("Cavebot/WalkDelay", randomizer02) end auto(100) I haven't tested it at all though. Let me know if it works. - Tokumei
  25. Can i have script for ene ring ?
  26. Could you edit this script so the values are set more randomly not only 2 values? I mean a range lets say for example from 25-50 and from 100-250 if g_game.isAttacking() then setOption("Cavebot/WalkDelay", "180") else setOption("Cavebot/WalkDelay", "25") end auto(100)
  27. Oh that's a nice way to do it. I made one just looking for the corpse ID on floor tiles, but haven't really tested it much, but I like the sound of your approach. - Tokumei
  28. +1 I've noticed this as well but I wasn't sure if it was just me since I'm not playing a real map so the normal looter doesn't seem to work well in general. I've opted to make my own script handle the looting instead. If you want a quick fix in the meantime, make a script that simply iterates through open containers and checks if the containers name includes "slain" (or w.e other keywords indicate a corpse for you) and then just make an array of food ids that you want it to try and eat.
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