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  1. Rise

    Tibia 8.0

    Does this BOT work on tibia 8.0 not based on OTclient? (custom graphics and functions only)
  2. Rise

    Request Script

    Hey can anyody write me a script that SKINS{with item} dead body?
  3. Rise

    Request Script

    Could you explain me this script? Don't understand last lines when i put hotkeys for that much spells?
  4. Rise

    New Disk

    Could you reset my HWID or Register my new disk? Older went to bin so there is only one way to register new one.
  5. @Zelek is it possible to launch the bot on OpenGL? Of course on ROTS
  6. Rise

    Request Script

    Better Turn to target. And im lookin for one more script for attack spells only if there are monsters within 3 sqms And script that attack with wave spell this side where is more monster in 8 sqms i mean like west are 3 monsters and east are coming 8, so it should turn to east and wave
  7. Rise

    Request Script

    Any script for turning targeting ON if i get stuck by mobs? I'm using lure script with "true" on ignoring monsters when luring because of that if i do not that the bot will stops on 1 monsters even if i have chosen like 5 or 8 in targeting?
  8. Rise

    Request Script

    Yo need script for luring mobs like 6-8, then start attacking them and luring again
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