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  1. When our character has some debuffs like the one shown on the screen it would not heal, neither with spell nor with senzu bean. This is a real serious issue since a lot of monsters throw poison at us etc, and the bot dies, could you please fix? thanks
  2. seems like fixed now
  3. lediv

    Request Script

    remember to put correct id of the item and body and enable "read map tiles" in info and options tab. It works for me
  4. lediv

    Request Script

    auto(100) local corpseIds = {5362, 5362} -- ids of bodies local itemIdToUse = 7803 -- id of the item to use on bodies function table.find(t, value) for k,v in pairs(t) do if v == value then return k end end end local tiles = g_map.getTiles() local corpses = {} for _, tile in pairs(tiles) do if tile:getPosition():getDistance(g_game.getLocalPlayer():getPosition()) <= 1 then local topItem = tile:getTopItem() if topItem and table.find(corpseIds, topItem:getId()) then table.insert(corpses, topItem) end end end if #corpses > 0 then for _, corpse in pairs(corpses) do setOption("Cavebot/Enabled", "false") g_game.stop() g_game.useItemOnPosition(itemIdToUse, corpse:getPosition()) sleep(1000) end else setOption("Cavebot/Enabled", "true") end
  5. When our character is for example poisoned or electrified, healing would not work. The bot will only heal after the poison or other effect ends and it sux because I can't use caveboot on some of the great spots because, he will not heal and die
  6. lediv

    Request Script

    1) Could you modify the below script so it's only using the spell if monsters are around 5sqm in any direction of our character (this is a target spell and with this script the bot is spamming this even if the target is far away) if g_game.isAttacking() then g_game.talk("spell 1") sleep(900, 1250) end auto(100) Thanks in advance
  7. I didnt want to create another thread so I'll just leave it here: setting area range in cavebot seem to not work. It always move in 1x1 area even when 3x3/5x5 is set or anything else. The bot always move the same path and when someone/something is blocking him, he would not move
  8. any way to make the caveboot move diagonally while hunting?
  9. I'll let you know as soon as a banner checks me if it works
  10. ehh. But the bot has always been respodning to any messages and when banner checked me it did not so I dont know why is that - it's pretty weird then. A situtation when he didn't respond never happened to me before because I copied this script a few times so it responds to various messages from other players. That's why I thought it must be a system message but if it's not then well, sad, seems like it just doesnt work because it does not. dunno.
  11. no the bot check in dbl is a system message (tho this system message that appers in red is caused when a banner uses specific command) but it's for sure not a normal massage. I'll try with this function you mentioned maybe it will work that way but where do I edit? which line?
  12. Hey I was finally able to test this msgheck script for dbl: if not g_game.isOnline() then return end local messageToDetect = {"msgheck", "bot"} local lastMessage = g_game.lastTalkMessage().message if not lastMessage then return end for v, k in pairs(messageToDetect) do if string.find(lastMessage, k, 1, true) then g_game.talk("im here") -- message to talk in default chat setOption("Global/BotPaused", "true") g_game.lastTalkMessage().message = "" for i = 1, 5 do playSound("alarm.wav") sleep(1000) end end end auto(50)
  13. lediv

    Request Script

    damn it really works, you're the best man
  14. lediv

    Request Script

    yes it does disappear
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