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  1. == application crashed app name: WATclient app version: 0.6.6 build compiler: gcc 4.8.1 build date: Oct 25 2021 build type: Release build revision: 0 (devel) crash date: Oct 30 2021 18:14:44 exception: Unknown exception (0xe06d7363) exception address: 0x7544b5b2 backtrace: 0: C:\WINDOWS\System32\KERNELBASE.dll(RaiseException+0x62) [0x000000007544B5B2] 1: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\VCRUNTIME140.dll(CxxThrowException+0x66) [0x000000006E857586] 2: C:\Users\katti\Desktop\OTClientBot\OTClientBot\otclientbot.dll [0x000000006EC9BA36] 3: C:\Users\katti\Desktop\OT
  2. when is next update, since this happens all the time lol xD
  3. The cavebot is getting bugged when using built in bot "looting" can you give me a script that clicks on nearby bodies when a creature gets killed? The server has built in autoloot, so i just need to click on the body to get the drop. Thanks for help!
  4. Smthre

    Sio script

    I need a sio script that will heal 100% when its time to heal, no cd what so ever. My other spells have 1500ms cd so thats not the problem it must be something else, please help me. Kind regards
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