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  1. Hey! Does anyone have training script for attack speed on server ROTS?
  2. Looking for hotkey to stop persistent scripts. I use pause cavebot/targeting already but need to pause scripts also.
  3. Thank you mate! I already tested it on system msgs like Lottery, 15min kick msg etc. and it worked for me. I replaced these 2 lines and it worked.
  4. Hello. Ive been banned recently because I used that script which one for sure not working. Msgcheck appeared just in server log window so it seems like system msg. I was suprised because if I remember correctly it appeared in default window also. I made screenshoots so if needed I will send you. Could you fix that script? Would be nice, thanks. auto(100) if not g_game.isOnline() then return end local messagesToDetect = {"[English]", "msgheck", "bot"} -- which words should it look for? local respondToMessage = false -- should it respond if trigger word is found? local messageToRespon
  5. I think you should use bigger font... Like it changes anything in terms of answer for your question. LOL
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