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  1. == application crashed app name: Return Of The Saiyans app version: 2.1.16 build compiler: msvc12 build date: Mar 16 2021 build type: RelWithDebInfo build revision: 0 (master) crash date: Mar 20 2021 19:15:50 exception: Access violation (0xc0000005) exception address: 0x005b35c2 backtrace: 0: C:\Users\peric\Desktop\Saiyans Return\otclient.exe(FT_Error_String+0x1fe82) [0x00000000005B35C2] 1: C:\Users\peric\Desktop\Saiyans Return\otclient.exe(FT_Error_String+0x12154c) [0x00000000006B4C8C] 2: C:\Users\peric\Desktop\Saiyans Return\otclient.exe(FT_Error_Strin
  2. aline


    I think he forgot the subscribers
  3. aline

    client crash

    no more support for subscribers?
  4. aline

    client crash

    client closing alone in directx and when it opens in open GL it is dropping fps and locking everything
  5. the bot does not recognize the client after update even putting "otcliente"
  6. aline

    Request Script

    if getOption("Global/BotPaused") == "true" then setOption("Global/BotPaused", "false") else setOption("Global/BotPaused", "true") end how to use on HK pausebreak :
  7. aline

    Request Script

    have script or button pause all boot ?
  8. after update does not work on returns of sayans FATAL ERRO same friend's mistake there
  9. aline

    Request Script

    is it possible to alarm when an item appears on the screen? example: alarm when id 3394 appears on the screen?
  10. aline

    Time Bot

    could you put in the bot how much time is left in it?
  11. aline

    Request Script

    could you make a script for me? use magic when you have 4 monsters glued to the character?
  12. aline

    Request Script

    could someone do a healing script for me? example: when the% of the character reaches 95% use f1 and magic attack? example use magic on hotkey f4
  13. Gentlemen and ladies, i am user and i ask zelek to be patient, this juust a "BOT BETA" version all beta versions there are several bugs so if any bugs arise or whatever post in english only english. some improvements are already being made thanks to everyone.
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