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connect("g_game", "onTalkMessage", checkMessage) now misses some messages since last update


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It appears that since the last update using:

connect("g_game", "onTalkMessage", checkMessage)


is much less reliable.
I tested it with multiple clients all on the same screen, and it often misses messages (either in default chat, or monsterspeak both are sometimes missed)


I use this for a variety of things so if this could be fixed to catch everything again it would be super-awesome.


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I think I managed to fix this by optimizing all my luascripts.

I have a ton of them that are connected to onTextMessage and they were all connecting over and over again with auto(100) or so because I had other functionality in the scripts.
When I re-wrote everything and made it only connect once per function when I started the script it started working much more reliably. So you can mark this as a non-issue.

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