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OTClientBot v2.0.0 - beta 19d


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You can download it here: OTClientBot-v2.0.0-beta19d

Also please remember to install Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 - 2019 x86 if you haven't already.


List of changes for beta 19:

  • Targeting:
    • fixed danger priority not working as expected
    • add a "*" (asterisk) to the monster name to search the specified phrase. for example: "Dragon*" will also target Dragon Lord, Dragon Lord Hatchling etc.
  • Cavebot:
    • fixed crash issue that could occur when 2 waypoints were placed at the same position
    • fixed waypoints not advancing properly to the next one
    • fixed map click not working on certain clients
  • Lua:
    • added "getCurrentWaypoint" that will return Position object of current selected waypoint
  • Additional:
    • bot's executable and dll file name will now rename to a random string on every update


List of changes for beta 19a:

  • fixed initialization error with some clients


List of changes for beta 19b:

  • added "Idle Timeout" to cavebot settings (amount of time it considers bot stuck and starts skipping waypoints)
  • added "Read ground items" to Info & options (while reading tiles is enabled and this option is checked then ground items will also be read - by default they are ignored)
  • fixed various functions not working at blacktalon ots


List of changes for beta 19c:

  • fixed some compatibilty issues (WAD/WAT and more)


List of changes for beta 19d:

  • fixed several issues that could cause the application to exit unexpectadly
  • improved compatibility with certain clients
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