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Detecting custom Inventory Slots and Using items on Inventory Equipment.


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Some OT Servers have created more than the original 10 inventory slots.

With otclientbot, I can currently move an item to one of those slots, but I cannot "detect" it in any other way.
If I try to use an item at position, it does not work for inventory positions.
If I try to move an item to a position, it DOES work.
If I try to use:


Then the entire otclientbot will crash. (Apparently trying to get an InventoryItem that wasn't officially setup for your bot will crash the entire bot)
Since we can move an item to the slot, I assume there should be a way for the bot to easily grab the item from the slot, or use an item on the slot.

In short, Features I would like added:
1) Able to use item on inventory slots. (So if a server requires you to use a hammer on your items to repair them, you can UseWith on Inventory Slots.
2) Able to grab an item from the inventory slots that are custom. (Above Inventory 9) -- Currently trying this crashes the client.

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