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  1. creatures = g_game.getCreatures() pairs(creatures)
  2. There is no cooldown flag applied for bot, you have to do your self countdown system
  3. that are just simple condition like, #g_game.getMonstersAround(x) >= y for more complicated things you can use functions like g_game.getBestAreaTurnDirection g_game.getCreaturesInArea
  4. local allcreatures = g_game.getCreatures() if not g_game.isAttacking() then for _, creature in pairs(allcreatures) do if creature:isMonster() and not string.match(creature:getName()), "Pet") then g_game.attack(creature) end end end
  5. if not g_game.isAttacking() then for _, creature in pairs(g_game.getCreatures()) do if creature:isMonster() and not string.match(creature:getName()), "Pet") then g_game.attack(creature) end end end
  6. Hello subscribers and all new, Actual status of bot is dead, there is not any develop of fixations, for ROTS there is a bug that eliminate it from use, and it were not fixed, get respond from developer: So for subscribers, just keep in mind there will be not any fixes for bot. For new persons, keep in mind same, if something happened from game server, you won't be able to use. That was a really nice time while it was working, have really good time and fun.
  7. So ROTS is dead sever for bot
  8. @Zelek any update? I'm really disappointed about it, if you write something please be honest. Waited full weekend for fix, if I know that you will not even log in to forum and don't even give information.
  9. auto(1000) g_game.talk("utamo vita") sleep(15000)
  10. auto(1000) dofile "libs/main.lua" local foodposition = Position.new(32808, 30505, 7) g_game.useMapItem(foodposition) sleep(30000)
  11. Next day, not any informations?
  12. Completly dont know if it will work, but you can try g_game.useInventoryItemOnPosition(3031, g_game.getAttackingCreature():getPosition() instead of map position, you can try to insert bp position
  13. Correct, movement cause problems.
  14. use g_game.getLocalPlayer():getStates() to find corect state number and then add g_game.getLocalPlayer():hasState() condition to cast spell
  15. auto(100) if not g_game.isOnline() then return end local messagesToDetect = {""} -- which words should it look for? local respondToMessage = false -- should it respond if trigger word is found? local messageToRespond = "im here" -- what should it respond? local pauseBot = false -- should it pause the bot? local playAlarm = true -- should it play alarm? connect("g_game", "onTalkMessage", checkBotMessage) connect("g_game", "onTextMessage", checkBotText) function checkBotMessage(name, level, mode, message, channelId, creaturePos) for _, messageToDetect in pairs(messagesToDetect) do if str
  16. to get universal get both working together
  17. it's work as it should, you just take ready script. add second function for system messages connect("g_game", "onTextMessage", checkBotText) function checkBotText(mode, message)
  18. auto(300000) local messagesToDetect = "300/300" g_game.talk(".!task") -- sleep(x) -- activate and adjust if script can't detect exacly after write .!task connect("g_game", "onTextMessage", checkBotText) function checkBotText(mode, message) if string.find(message, messageToDetect, 1, true) then gotolabel("retask", "deliver-task") end as last waypoint in retask ad "ACTION" on with script gotolabel("hunt", "start-hunt")
  19. gotolabel (string sectionName , string labelName ) Sets the current waypoint to the one of labelName Label in sectionName Section. gotolabel("HUNTING", "start-hunting") just you have to prepare tab changer in script
  20. really? think and look post above
  21. for me it work's, maybe you don't configure hotkey for it
  22. "3x3" is not where it stand, it will mark as done if he stand in that range, but will not click in all fields in that range when try to move
  23. if getOption("Cavebot/Enabled") == "true" then setOption("Cavebot/Enabled", "false") else setOption("Cavebot/Enabled", "true") end if getOption("Targeting/Enabled") == "true" then setOption("Targeting/Enabled", "false") else setOption("Targeting/Enabled", "true") end place it in hotkey section in scripts section
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