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Cavebot option to ignore targeting, Targeting option to target but ignore

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Sorry for not complete description. 


from targeting: no movement, chase, reach, keep away

for manual play no movement works great, it attack from targeting list and do all things and dont push/impact any movement
but when Cavebot, no movement stops our character in place until have no target.


Idea is that to follow cavebot nodes without any movement from targeting, but keep it's usage

(i know i can have it in script, but try to keep target list up to date for different creatures, and with stop function in 1 place, it's why i base on "isatacking")


you place great lure script on forum, but it's base on complete turn off targeting, which is ok (but prefer to keep attacking for ROTS Kidrain, any target cause cavebot to use one of previously setted option " no movement, chace, reach, keep away")

2 solutions:

- add in cavebot to target but not apply any movement options

- rename no movement to stop, add real no movement impact

Hope now it's enough described 

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